Coffee Shop

The home of MamGu Welshcakes selling traditional and alternative welshcakes hot off the griddle we are situated in the heart of the harbour village of Solva._46A1018.jpg

We source our products from as close to home as possible, serving loose leaf teas, freshly ground coffee, and welsh delights from the Mamgu kitchen.
Our Menu serves a delicious twist on old welsh dishes, with Welsh Rarebit, Cawl, and Crempogs to name a few paired with a few cheeky Pembrokeshire offerings.

For hot sunny days you can enjoy one of our fresh welshcakes with some ice-cream or come and visit us on those “Pembrokeshire Rainy Days” for hot welshcakes and a real hot chocolate.

Pop in to see to see us in our shop in Solva for take away welshcakes, or just a good chat.