Our Story

Becky and Thea met in 2010 in the smallest city in Wales – St Davids. Both had come back from travelling the globe and started working in a small but mighty establishment called Whitesands Cafe. Becky was always in the kitchen and Thea was always out front serving the customers. It was the beginning of a lovely friendship.

After taking a trip to Amsterdam for there joint birthday they fell in love with the dutch attitude to life. The noticed that the dutch were a very patriotic nation who are very proud of there routes. However, whilst walking around they found everything had a modern vibrancy. Back home they understood the welsh culture and passion whether it be for Rugby, Tom Jones or the Welsh Love Spoon but felt it was quite stuck in time and so whilst sat drinking a cup of tea and chatting about how we would make use of these degrees that we worked so hard to get useful – we decided to teach ourselves to make welshcakes!

About 700 traditional welshcakes later we had cracked it and started playing with other flavours and so MamGu Welshcakes was born #ProperLush…

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