NOW OPENING: We are excited to announce the opening of our shop in Solva Easter 2018!

After months of planning you will soon be able to visit our very own shop in Solva to buy MamGu Welshcakes hot off the griddle all year round. Selling Welsh inspired light bites and delicacies with a our own twist you will be able to treat yourself to dishes made from fresh locally sourced produce and a hand made MamGu Welshcake with a cup of tea to set you on your way.


Have you ever had a cuppa tea and a welshcake? If not why not…

These beautiful cakes are a rich part of the history of Wales and we sell ours hot off the griddle the way they should be.

MamGu Welshcakes make and sell traditional and alternative welshcakes at markets, food fairs and to local establishments across Pembrokeshire. From wedding favours to special events and hampers if you are interested in finding out more please get in contact with Becky and Thea at mamguswelshcakes@gmail.com or contact us via facebook www.facebook.com/mamguwelshcakes we would love to hear from you.


Why MamGu?

We are proud to live and breathe the fresh air of Pembrokeshire on a daily basis. So when deciding what to call our lovely welshcakes it had to link with our home.

Mamgu (pronounced Mamgee) according to the urban dictionary has the following definition:

  1. Welsh word for grandmother, historically used in West Wales (UK).
  2. A word to describe the most ballin’ thing to ever grace this planet.

To us, this fits our alternative welshcake flavours and our beautiful traditional fresh off the bake stone welshcakes perfectly. Proper Mamgu like…

So who are we… we are Becky and Thea, two people that love Pembrokeshire and cake…