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Imran Nathoo' s Welsh Cake Tiramisu

Ingredients and method below

Looking for a mouth watering new pudding to excite your guests to skip main and head straight for dessert? Well MasterChef quarterfinalist Imran Nathoo has got you covered!

Imran says If this recipe is the only thing that lives on from my food adventures then I will be very happy. I designed this original recipe a few years ago has become a bit of a Christmas tradition in my family. A great alternative pud for Christmas!

Inspired by one of my all time favourite desserts and one of my all time favourite flavour combinations; chocolate and orange. Add Welsh Cakes to the mix and quite frankly you have a belter of a desert! Dare I say good enough to replace that festival trifle!

This tiramisu is super easy to make and I promise you that you'll be making this dessert time and time again. Using superb quality welsh cakes, handmade chocolate and expertly blending coffee. All made here in Wales."

Welsh Cake Tiramisu by Imran Nathoo

Prep time: 15 mins
Cook time: 15 mins (plus chilling for a couple of hours or overnight)
Serves: 6


  1. Make up the coffee in a Cafetiere/french press if possible - a strong brew is what you are looking for. Pour out 250ml into a large shallow bowl. Sweeten with 1tsp of the sugar. Allow to cool.
  2. Next combine the mascarpone, double cream, vanilla and sugar in a large bowl. Using an electric whisk bring the mixture to soft peaks.
  3. Now it's time to assemble in a medium size deep side dish. Choose a nice one as this is what the finished article will be served in.
  4. Dip each welsh cake in turn into the coffee then place on the bottom of the dish. Ideally keep the welsh cakes whole but you may need to half a couple to fill out the empty spots.
  5. Next add a layer of the mascarpone and cream mixture, then another layer of coffee dipped welsh cakes, topped by more of the mascarpone and cream mixture to finish.
  6. Place in the fridge to set for at least 2 hours or over night.
  7. Before serving; grate over a generous amount of the Wickedly Welsh Orange Marmalade Chocolate (use a micro plane for a finer finish). Aim to complete cover the top of the dessert in a blanket of chocolate!
  8. Serve immediately!

Good luck and we hope you enjoy. Be sure to post photos of your delicious creations on social media and tag us so we can see them!

Follow Imran's kitchen adventures - @kitchenclonc
Fill your socials scrolling full of welsh cakes @mamgu_welshcakes

Welsh Cake Tiramisu by Imran Nathoo

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