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How to make the perfect Welsh Cakes on St David's Day

Making welsh cakes is the perfect thing to do to celebrate St David’s Day, whether it be to share with your family, gift to a neighbour or friend, or just to cosy up on the sofa with a hot drink and a good book.

The joy of making these tasty little treats from scratch is half the fun and something we don’t all have the confidence to do. So here are a few tips from us all here at MamGu Welshcakes on how to create that perfect, flat (and incredibly hard to photograph if we do say so!), sweet treat.

  1. Firstly, have you got your main ingredients? Flour, Sugar, Butter, Egg, Currents, and Spices – Many of us all have a welsh cake recipe that we like to use, some have been handed down the family for generations! If you don’t have one you can always use our recipe, here.

  2. Don’t be afraid to swap those currents and spices for something else that suits your taste. Here are some ideas:
  • Chocolate chips
  • Nuts
  • Cranberries
  • Ginger
  • Caramel Chunks
  • Plain with a spice of your choice
  • Dried Fruit
  1. Chop your butter up nice and small before mixing. This will help with the consistency of your dough and help prevent buttery chunks that can burn your welsh cake when cooking. If you want to skip this bit we sell ready to bake welsh cake dough to get you straight to the cooking bit!

  2. Whether you are using a griddle, frying pan or plank… pre heat it!

  3. We say this tip all the time… quite often we get asked why our welsh cakes are not burnt and its very simple – cook your welsh cakes on a low to medium heat very, very, slowly! Don’t mess with them whilst they are on the plank, just leave them and let the smell of freshly baking welsh cakes fill the room. Flip them after about 5 minutes of cooking on each side. Then transfer to a cooling rack, if you wish to cover them in sugar now is the time.

  4. Enjoy every single bite!

Everyone likes to eat their welsh cakes differently and you should know that if you are talking to us there is no wrong or right way. Enjoy them with sugar, butter, plain, jam, cream, or even chocolate spread and marshmallow – the point of a welsh cake is that is makes you feel warm and cosy for a little minute.

If you have more tips on how you cook your welsh cakes then we’d love to hear them. Add them to the comments below!

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